Girl with cerebral palsy overcome with joy on 1st day of school

School is back in session and if you have kids of school age, you’ll know that they’re either dreading homework and class projects or excited to get back in the classroom with their friends. But if there’s one thing we’re certain of – Ariana Hopper is most definitely part of the latter.

Ariana Hopper is a 6-year-old with cerebral palsy from Brunswick, Georgia – and this year, she was entering the second grade.

Arianna attends Altama Elementary School and she was recently filmed going to the first day of school. Her reaction has melted thousands of hearts across the country – it’s just too cute for words.

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The little girl is the youngest of seven children, three of whom are adopted, including Arianna. Mark and Rebecca, Arianna’s parents, fostered the special girl at birth and officially adopted her at the young age of two. She’s been the most loving member of the family ever since!

Mark and Rebecca recall that they were hesitant at first about adopting a baby with cerebral palsy. They were unsure they could care for her.

Of course, the Hoppers have absolutely zero regrets about their decision and can’t imagine their life without Arianna. She has become such a bright light for their entire family and anyone that meets her.

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“No matter what, even in her situation, she’s just joyful and loves life in spite of her disability,” Mark told WSB TV.

That joy, happiness, and love are exactly what was recorded in the video that was later uploaded to Facebook.

Mark decided to break out the camera as Arianna was picked up for her first day of second grade in August of 2019. As she was being lifted up into the school bus while sitting in her bright pink wheelchair, the excitement on her face is palpable through the screen.

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What makes the video so incredible is the fact that Arianna is actually non-verbal. However, she makes it very clear that you most definitely don’t need words to show excitement and gratitude.

Arianna is lifted onto the bus with the most giant grin etched upon her face. She giggles and waves goodbye to her proud dad who watches on and films the precious moment.

It’s obvious that the 6-year-old has been waiting all summer to get back to school and start learning. Mark and Rebecca say that the school is a very positive environment for her and she receives nothing but love and support when she’s there.

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Arianna is currently learning sign language at school and they have a very interactive program planned for her. And when Mark asks his daughter if she’s excited, you can see that the sign language is catching on as she “nods” her hand, which means “yes!”

After Mark uploaded the priceless video to Facebook, there was an outpouring of people who were now officially “Arianna Fans.”

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“Honestly everybody that comes in contact with her at church, at work, they always tell me they love her and how much her smile brings joy to them,” Mark said. “I’m glad that everybody gets to see this joy that she has that she brings to us every day and that everyone else can see and experience it.”

We couldn’t be happier that the Hopper family shared this amazing moment with the world. It’s certainly brought happiness to everyone who has watched it.

Watch the full video below. Fair warning: your cheeks may hurt from smiling so much!

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